South Trafford foodbank update

Trafford South Foodbank centre's have unfortunately seen an increase in clients again this year across all our Centres. We have successfully helped over 1030 clients since May this year.

We not only support our clients with food and a listening ear but also offer advice and access to other services for problems such as debt management and substance abuse.

We have five distribution centre's in total - Timperley, Sale West, Sale Moor, Altrincham and Partington.

The foodbank continues to use the scout hut at the rear of the church as a warehouse facility to store and distribute the food to each centre every week, with a group of volunteers working every Wednesday and Friday.

If you would like to make a donation to our charity, there is a food collection trolley at the front of TMC where items can be left at any time. Should you prefer to make a cash donation, please visit

to make a free one off cash donation.

Items we are currently short of include:

Sponge puddings (shelf only)

Coffee (small jars)

Tins of fruit 

Tins/cartons of custard

Tinned Meat

Table Sauces


Many thanks,

Nicky Kenrick